England Rugby Montage


Video clip Ranking: 5 / five

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17 Responses to “England Rugby Montage”

  1. Tee Wermer

    Geez Aston is fast

  2. MrDiache

    theirs shit loads of tribute for France

  3. Ben Capener

    Do one for France. They have scored some great tries.

  4. John Smith

    this might sound a bit lame to all the big rugby countries but do something for Canada, we have nothing

  5. Sup nsa

    The songs protectors of the Earth, by Two steps from Hell

  6. Nicholas Brown

    Chris Ashton! best try in history! 1:05

  7. TomzzApocalypse

    @amewsomesam475 yeah you can :)

  8. CallofDutyEliteSniper

    Can I use this at my school debate to decide whether or not rugby should be played at my school

  9. Garythesnailrules

    seriously you need to make more of these! have you considered doing one of the irb sevens?

  10. Megan Staunton


  11. Hugh Doody


  12. N1ghtstar4

    Sweet vid proud to be english!!! Love it how people assume were arrogant just cos were better at them at alot of things… I know wt im saying now sounds arrogant to those people but thats the point :)

  13. Josh Kinsella

    nice…… how has this only got 800 view , should have at least 100,000

  14. TomzzApocalypse

    Two Steps From Hell :)

  15. aymeric63000

    what is the name of this song please ?

  16. TomzzApocalypse

    Thanks! :)

  17. 2flamaster

    Good job! I like it much better than previous one. Interesting and exciting.
    Also, I noticed that top guys on yt use HD quality in their videos, so if you”ll ever have access to that, don’t forget to use it in your compilations ;) Cheers