World In Union 2011 – Hayley Westenra – ITV’s Rugby World Cup Intro (titles)


Movie Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “World In Union 2011 – Hayley Westenra – ITV’s Rugby World Cup Intro (titles)”

  1. Bazzil12321

    It’s ashton because he has 11 on his back ashton is 14

  2. Dom Evans

    the memories

  3. Hells Highway

    Chris Ashton only started playing international union in 2010 this is made up of moments from all previous world cups so it cant be him defo’s an englishman but not him

  4. mocyoung

    Then who is it? 0:48 – 0:51 ?

  5. Kayleigh Kauto

    Still sends shivers down my spine… being a rugby player does that to you! So much passion and strength in one team.

  6. Kayleigh Kauto


  7. Hells Highway

    And no its not Chris Ashton

  8. Hells Highway

    Its Gavin Hastings

  9. Andrew Byrne

    Every time I watch this it make me miss rugby so much

  10. mocyoung

    And finally Chris Ashton swan diving under the posts.

  11. Luis Alejandro Ibáñez-Solano

    In order of appearance: David Campese, Jonny Wilkinson, Jonah Lomu, Serge Blanco or Gavin Hastings (Can’t tell which as Scotland and France both wear Blue and they’re both Fullbacks), Francois Pienaar, Shane Williams, Sebastien Chabal, Brian O’Driscoll, And of Course Bryan Habana.

    As the person below notes…Possibly the best Backline and Flankers/Number 8’s a coach could dream of….

  12. Theocook1

    This video offers the greatest back line a coach could possibly ask for…

  13. 41020djt

    So i noticed Brian Habana, Jonah Lomu, Shane Williams, Jonny Wilkinson, and Francois Pienaar . Who else is in that intro?

  14. Kayleigh Kauto

    Sends chills right through me, proud woman rugby player!

  15. alternativebassist

    not gonna lie the ITV coverage was terrible for the worldcup. This however was awesome!

  16. youshallruetheday

    i miss waking up to this

  17. blues123ize

    I love this Intro, to the last year’s Rugby world cup shame that England, lost but they still played well, and Steve Rider, did a good jon hosting.

  18. IcExClanGaming

    Oh, still.

  19. Shan Tomouk

    french dude :)  its chabal

  20. IcExClanGaming

    AWESOME VIDEO! But the part at 0:40 when shane Williams gets smashed by a english dude isnt cool for the welshies xD

  21. Doddle

    @liampw20I saw the NZL version ….. It wasn’t as UPLIFTING as this one lol

  22. Doddle

    OH ?

  23. liampw20

    Yeah, it’s a British network.

  24. Doddle

    Is that sum European Network ? or something

  25. liampw20

    it was on ITV you pillock.