The Beach Rugby Tournament Enters The Second Season

The Beach Rugby tournament saw a good turnout this year as the Nepen Hue was filled with spectators cheering for their respective team. Twenty teams from different categories participated in this fun filled tournament which started on the 1st of February. This is the second time that such a tournament has been organized and people are really enjoying the contest.

There are four categories in this contest namely Centennial and Plottier, Cinco Saltos, Allen and Picun Leufu Neuquen Capital. On the opening day of the tournament people came from all over the place to witness the grand ceremony and were treated with some great fireworks and musical shows. The teams were introduced along with the categories in which they would be divided. The rules and regulations of the contest were also explained to the teams and also to the people as the normal rugby rules do not prevail in this tournament.

In the first division the first place was won by “La Colonia” Club Los Patos de Neuquen Capital for defending the title properly. The second place was given to “The Araucaria”, the team of Rabbits.

They managed to win in the category of the Veterans. Apart from this there were some other categories as well where “Limay Classic” Plottier won the first place and the second place went to “Bugs Basket” which is a team from Neuquen Capital. “Moby Dick” the Neuquen Rugby Club won the first place while the second place was won by the “Cat and the gang”. In the women category “The Rabbits” managed to hold on to the first place like last and the second spot was taken by “The Gypsy Neuquen”. The Ministry of Social Development organized this tournament for the first time last year and it became an immediate hit amongst the rugby fans.