25 thoughts on “A Tribute To Chris Ashton

  1. SuperBlackted

    He is going to drop the ball doing that dive in world cup semi – final or worse, and then there will be no tribute on youtube only hate,
    Whats he done really, He is no Robinson, Ben Cohen showed what can and should be done in a short time spent playing, Sorry but I just can’t stand the player, he cannot defend which in modern rugby is unforgivable.

  2. isaac miller

    chris ashton is awesome player! so what if he does a swallow dive and raise hes hand up when he is about to score, he is happy that he just out run everyone and wanted to express his happiness!

  3. HollowIchigo52

    Everyone says hes a glorey hunter but as soon as he sees a gap his gone, i think Ashton is a legend aswell as james O’connor

  4. nick logan

    i agree.. George North is a very talented young player. When he is older he may be a Welsh rugby legend.

  5. WorldOfRugby4Ever

    I know 2 They were in the same winning side in the 2003 world cup…. names …..Ben Cohen and Jason Robinson !!!!^^

  6. americanu197

    come on guys how many rugby players can just run over a defence like that? and how many of those come from the northern hemisphere? this guy is a legend in the making assuming he doesnt get injuries or other problems

  7. jonafromwales

    well said, i’ve got people telling me he is better than the welsh legend Shane Williams, it’s a joke

  8. Jonnie Crimmons

    tbf he may not step but his pure running ability is astounding you dont know how good he is until you have played a real game of rugby and see how hard it is to just ccompletely out-pace the defence

  9. scrumhalfwing

    ashton is hugely overated, he’s a good finisher assuming that theres noone between him and the line, but no step, and no defence plus hes a complete tool, dont understand what people see in him

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