25 thoughts on “Alesana Tuilagi V Lewis Moody FIGHT / England V Samoa 2005

  1. Lucho Elissondo

    totally agree with you man. once i get a yellow card for the same shit. how could i now if he is going to jump?

  2. Lucho Elissondo

    that was a clean tackle! lewis moody chosen to jump, the ball has touched the floor.. am i right?

  3. 0630nicknu

    I reckon despite all your bullshit, you are a nice bloke and I don’t mind saying that. Lets leave it by saying we can beat you at rugby, but you can beat us at fighting. Ok? Be lucky and have a nice life too.

  4. ilovemmamuaythaibox

    lol aww mate you definitely are something else. That is definitely sounds like an aussie AFL fan would say…are you sure you’re not aussie? lol okay mate i’ll end our little lovely relationship here so we can get on with our lives but I must say thanks for keeping my youtube inbox account active. Have a nice life mate and please do try to enjoy a little roughness in the game we all love 🙂 bye

  5. 0630nicknu

    You make me laugh dude. You still coming back for more after four months? If you think neck-breaking tackles are ok then that’s fine. England just play the game and leave the cheap shots up to the thugs. You are the one who is crying because you know that Samoa are second rate at rugby and our ladies team would beat you. Now fuck off and stop bothering me.

  6. ilovemmamuaythaibox

    Mate, I can’t believe this debate is still going on lol Man I think it must be true what aussies say about pommys, bunch of cry babies. I thought some of you English had open minds about everything, but obviously not an open mind about a stupid tackling incident.

  7. ilovemmamuaythaibox

    mate you still crying lol man you are just as optimistic i mean stupid as an aussie AFL fan lol man I think its true what aussies say about you poms, bunch of whinges, all these years I never thought it was true but thanks for confirming that.

  8. bobsterofsky

    if you read the previous comment you will see that yes he is defending moody and his reasons why. Tuilagi made three very dangerous and yes illegal tackles. If you havent just misread it then in that case you are a fucking retarde and an arragont shit who has no idea what he is talking about.
    Please dont ever breathe

  9. cooper slater

    What was that England number 14 following the Samoan 11 for? does he want to get his ass whooped like Moody did lol

  10. rezendog

    so your defending moody? that seems odd since he threw all the first punches and top of it you are calling Tuilagi disgracful? the tackle went wrong but it wasnt illegal but the punches were.. anyways Moody got his arse handed to him for trying to be a hero

  11. Joe Bloggs

    Absolute garbage anti-English reffing as usual. The officiating England get in rugby games is beyond a joke, we have to be better than teams just to be even and way better to beat them. Tuilagi dangerous tackle, yellow card. Tuilagi throws first punch, red card. Moody gets involved yellow card, Samoa’s number 7 gets involved, yellow card. Do the officials see it that way? Do they bollocks, as always.

  12. vtecsux1

    I love watching Samoa play rugby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives a fuck about winning! The Hits make youtube compilations for decades!

  13. vtecsux1

    tackled him in the air. cant do it. lol you could say thats why he jumped tho, to avoid ending up in hospital cos he was gunna get SMASHED! lol

  14. Mike Forest

    from an american point of view who has no idea whats going on, was that a penalty, and if so why that was an awesome hit

  15. kellsisCOD

    cueto jumped into the tackle. i didnt see the other two bad tackles but o dont think it was entirely his fault

  16. MyAndrew987

    this was a first. lewis moody the first england player sent off at twickenham.

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