Australia U20 Squad For World Championship

The squad for the Australia U20 World Championship was announced wherein the group of 28 men is to leave on 31st May to England.

The team is highly confident, especially after the win against New Zealand. The Australian U20 coach, Adrian Thompson has taken charge to prepare his team for a new challenge and doing all it takes to ensure that his teams adapts to the conditions of English and the northern hemisphere rugby style as they have Scotland and England in their pool. There was a 25-24 win against New Zealand in the 2nd match of Oceania Championship and this has boosted the team and the coach, and hence Thompson has decided that adaptation is their major step going forward.

The coach said that the victory in Oceania tournament is a good improvement when compared to their performances in the previous years. He is making his players understand the kind of game they would be playing against Scotland for the first time. Besides, Campbell Magnay and James Turtle from Queensland will be the additional rugby players in the squad.

James Turtle is the captain of the Queensland Reds team and has performed brilliantly as a rugby player and a captain. Campbell Magnay is yet another strong Australian rugby player who is known for his center position skills. However, these two players did not make their appearance in the matches which took place last week. These players will certainly value add the game and hence they would be joining in soon to connect to the systems as quickly as they can.

The squad would be spending 2 weeks in Narrabeen where in training camp is being organized. There will be 2 matches against the NSW Country and Australian Barbarians before they head to Manchester on 31st of May. Now, the wait is to watch the performance of the squad in Manchester City.