Chris Ashton Brilliant Try – England v Australia – End of Year Tours, Autumn Internationals 2010

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25 thoughts on “Chris Ashton Brilliant Try – England v Australia – End of Year Tours, Autumn Internationals 2010

  1. sagajagan

    Yawn. We split our talent pool over dozens of sports. Evidenced by our 29 gold medals at the Olympics (btw, how did your sporting minister enjoy her row across Eton Dorney in a Team GB uniform?)

  2. OneBigRetard

    Yeah, forgot ’87. Mainly because we in England treated it like a non-event.

    Let’s see if you can go three all over here.

  3. adspad75

    Actually its 3-2 in favour of England, not 3-1. Still, as an Aussie, I rate England as our nemesis at the WC and am always nervous when we play them. On topic…that try by Ashton was great – absolutely burnt Drew Mitchell.

  4. Connor Sullivan

    Now how in gods name do you know that? I’m sorry, but I’m calling bullshit on that.

  5. englandmadethewest

    robicenco1 You are wrong. I have a mate in Tassy and they absolutely hate losing to us English. Remember 2003 when we beat them in the World Cup Final? He said there were still blokes upset about it in June 2004 !
    Good losers?
    And I would rather New Zealand than Australia win anything. In fact I would rather Easter Island than Australia win anything.

  6. robicenco1

    I love beating Australia too, but I don’t hate them and I don’t go in for the Aussie-bashing that some English do. Generally I find Australians to be good losers and pretty good winners. Same isn’t true of New Zealanders – a lot of them seem to genuinely hate us these days, which I don’t understand. The banter with the Australians is much better. Love the sporting rivalry but please remember it is only a game.

  7. TheRimminator101

    To be honest to everyone who say this isn’t a great try, I don’t care if he was almost caught, it still took a lot of pace and awareness to get past the aussie back 3 and whoever you are I’m guessing you couldn’t do it yourself

  8. TheRimminator101

    Mostly yeah, but foden is a much better full back that cipriani and I’ve never actually seen him play full back? And croft, while for club rugby he can fill in at second row, he’s much better used as a flanker and there’s better locks to be used

  9. englandmadethewest

    I absolutely LOVE IT when we beat Australia. LOVE IT. Whinging fuckin’ Oddies.

  10. budwhite1

    If England grow a team of…

    1 Alex Corbisiero 2 Dylan Hartley 3 Dan Cole 4 Courtney Lawes 5 Tom Croft 6 Tom Wood 7 Chris Robshaw 8 Ben Morgan 9 Ben Youngs 10 Owen Farrell/Toby Flood 11 Ben Foden 12 Brad Baritt 13 Manu Tuilagi 14 Chris Ashton 15 Danny Cipriani, they could be a real force for years 😀

  11. William Goodwin

    If only england always play like this England think they are the strongest and always plays a forward game they should use the backs because if to be honest I think the forward ballhog

  12. Nick Hannaford

    England is the one country when we aren’t playing them in sport they are my favorite country. when we do play them I look at them with the same eyes as imperial Japan or nazi Germany.

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