19 thoughts on “Chris Ashton Superb Try Against Australia

  1. FutureLAD66

    the online coverage i watched had both of em commentating and the other two doing the analysis of the replays

  2. FutureLAD66

    there two commentators… one english and one australian, and later on it the match analysis…seriously dude? you never watched a rugby match before?

  3. UrbanRedBull

    haha too bad England are shithouse, a true embarrassment to world rugby at the RWC this year

  4. fastmongrel

    Yes all he had to do was run the length of the field and skin the winger so easy the International rugby players association voted it try of the year 2010. I mean what would a bunch of proffessional international rugby players know about anything.

  5. 1mrkarate1

    ashton may be good, but he has nothing on ben cohen and josh lewsey, and jason robinson was in a different league entirely

  6. Beginstheman

    That’s the whole point: reversing the situation in no time. It’s brillant to see a team bailing themselves out from a position on which they almost got scored and then scoring a try at the other end 20 seconds later.

  7. Ridgeyray

    what is so good about this try? all he does is sprint the lengh of the field anyone fast could have scored it

  8. xiNPuRiTi

    0:40 – that’s what it’s all about. When you’re running right at the Aussies and you know and they know that they’re fucked haha!! Amazing try 🙂

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