25 thoughts on “Chris Ashton Tribute

  1. Matthew P

    Chris Ashton is the most over rated player in the norther hemisphere. If you compare his tribute to George North’s, you see players like North, Cuthbert, Bowe ect are in another league. He’s just an average support player

  2. TheLinton8er

    Chris Ashton 2012/13 stats –
    Single most missed tackles in 6 nations this season. (from all teams)
    Yet to beat a single defender in 4 games
    3 tries all season
    The guy is totally over rated!

  3. Ollie Wheway

    Not anymore, he’s playing like a load of wank, Can’t tackle, isn’t scoring tries like he used to, in 2011 his work rate was unbelievable, always on the ball carriers shoulder, now he’s just lazy and shit

  4. N1ghtstar4

    @bermyrichm thank you so much for sending me that insulting and showing me how big and tough u are…… The fact that u also found it needed to leave 3 comments on one video at a time also makes me think u must be cool.

  5. bermyrichm

    because the england managers are retarded duh, ^ another mug brainwashed by the english media, england have 2.5 million players almost 10 times what most other countries have, seems we should be a lot better.

  6. bermyrichm

    He hasnt earnt the right to swallow dive, their not his tries theyre created by others and he go’s in a straight line to the try line. Never compare ashton to rugby ledgends like cohen and robinson.

  7. bermyrichm

    thank god someone actually has a clue about rugby and hasnt been brainwashed by the english media. Ashton does nothing else apart from make mistakes, miss tackles, and nick tries off of the good creative players. Bring in Wade!

  8. AndyChimp64

    Bring Ashton to 11, and put Wade at 14. Mike Brown is a quality player but I think he should be on the bench.

  9. schnozz87

    Serious work rate. Pause at 2:51 he’s right behind Wilkinson. A few seconds later he’s on Banahan’s shoulder, read the move well, got in the right place at the right time for the try. Some call it luck or try poaching but he does it all the time. He must be doing something right!

  10. Daniboi971

    You cant say all he does is finish tries…proof is in the video that thaf’s not true. (Australia tries in oz and twick loads of work still to do)

  11. TheTownSquire


  12. TheTownSquire

    well your clearly a wanker Its a wingers fucking job to support any run anyone goes on,its just most wingers don’t have the endurance like Ashton does. If there were stats on where he receives the ball on his tries,i could almost guarantee that most of his tries would be scored on his opposite wing. If anything,Mike Brown should be kicked of the team,because how many tries does he get for england?when do you ever see him going of his wing? Even though hes the fastest 100m runer on england squad?

  13. Jason Block

    indeed, ashton is one of the best players i’ve ever seen, but, he’s a dickhead out to the field…

  14. jawhitby345

    and cory jane and isreal dagg can be arrogant, they have skill and class, ashton is shit and arrogant! so many better wingers that could replace this big headed moron!

  15. jawhitby345

    im english! i love england rugby! and there is a huge mistake with it.. this player, he is so shit! without a doubt the shittest player on the team! he makes so many mistakes, the only time he scores a try is when another player makes a brake and passes to ashton, you could give the ball to a child and he would be able to score, the only way ashton can score is if you spoon feed him the ball….. most overrated player in the england sqaud, and an arrogant wanker too!

  16. porkydolphin

    i’m irish and i think he’s a great player, much rather have than tuilagi any day, all tuilagi is is a thug.

  17. TheGrizzleshizzle

    How is swallow diving a disgrace to rugby? Many other greats have done it before e.g. Ben Cohen = An England legend. Exactly stfu.

  18. Joelee0ze

    to those who say all he did was finish tries worked by others, its h is support play that is impressive. If you watch any of the games he played he will be right next to any man who makes a break.

  19. N1ghtstar4

    @cuntface094 and u have no reason to hate him other than him being english just like the rest… Great one mate

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