25 thoughts on “Chris Ashton try vs Australia – Nov 2010

  1. Jmactaggart

    Whether you love him or´╗┐ hate him, his pace and track running is class

  2. oiyou15

    Would much rather watch it every now and then on an international lever instead of club level in a sport I’m less interested in.
    No´╗┐ disrespect to League but I just prefer Union

  3. zXzDAV3zXz

    Admittedly he’s dropped in form now, and shouldn’t have the cockiness to celebrate like he did on Saturday, but he was playing some class rugby back in 2010/2011 and was scoring more than Shane so I didn’t see any problem with´╗┐ it. (Coming from a Welshman)

  4. Nic Blackmore

    So your arrogant if you celebrate a try?. Does´╗┐ anyone actually rugby on here?! Jealous welsh folk it seems…

  5. iFullyCare

    Thats because hes one of the´╗┐ greatest players of our time, chris asthton shows off to much even before getting to the line. Coming from an All Black fan

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