Deans still untested

There have been many theories doing the rounds with Australia rugby coach Robbie Deans. And people are still yet to decide whether he really is a friend or a foe to the Australia rugby team. He has been the consistent coach of the Australian Wallabies for five straight years, and his coaching eventually led to the downfall of the wallabies. So it still needs to be ascertained whether he really did more harm than good for the team. While Robbie deans was the assistant coach of the Australia rugby team at the beginning, and eventually became coach, the team won a whopping 81% of their overall number of games played. Now that really is a huge feat, and puts the team as one of the most formidable ones around.

But Robbie Deans made the wrong headlines because as was his track record, he was known to help really underdog teams go on to win huge championships, and it was reckoned that he did the impossible. But when coaching the wallabies, the team started faltering, and they did quite badly on more than one occasion. So, when he was coaching a much better team than his normal ones, the team should have been performing even better. But then the Wallabies won just 31% of the total number of games that they played against the All Blacks, and this was not a decent record at all. But he did try his best with the Australian rugby team, and the team went on to win 61% of their total number of games.

And the Australia rugby team went on with their winning streak for quite a stretch, until they finally lost out to two of the best teams in the world. So when Deans was dismissed, there was huge uproar, and people could not decide whether it had been a good or a bad call to do so.