25 thoughts on “England v All Blacks (Extended Highlights) 2012

  1. kelzkritta

    if england played in nz in the future they will get smashed hard and break that coconut tuilagi in half. enjoy the cheat win poms it will be your last

  2. kelzkritta

    fluke game allright we have been smashing u fag poms for years and it took 9 years
    a ref who gave u the win a coconut wannabe maa nonu dont forget 21 of our players got the infected england diesease to beat the great all blacks.

  3. Martin St. Hill

    There is a point when you have to say “4 tries….. maybe it isn’t a fluke”.

  4. Kobir Ahamed

    I did that Chris Ashton style swallow dive at my school Rugby club when I scored a try
    I had the biggest grin on my face ever, and my teacher looks at me and thinks “fucking twat”
    But you couldn’t do that you sheep shagger so fuck yourself sir
    No disrespect to the Welsh

  5. Paul Newsome

    As the commentator said “a well deserved win”. Don’t be so bitter, they deserved a win, what does it matter? NZ are still the top team in the world.

  6. MegaJk777

    You were the best team in the world between 2003-2011 as we were the best from 2000-2003. Fair play 😉

  7. ballpythonvthedevil

    your a fucking idiot. That match was a fluke and everyone knows it. typical brit

  8. Douche Bag

    its very simple “world beaters” is the title given to any team who beats the current world champions. England were world beaters a lot, in the early 90s, 97 and then became the team that others wanted to become “world beaters” at. Now we are world beaters again, but that’s more credit to the bloody Kiwis for winning the cup, and being the “world” that we need to beat.

  9. Douche Bag

    perhaps the test circa ’72, and thus the baa-baas match in the same year, other than that.

  10. Douche Bag

    you know what though? England didn’t cheat. Yeah we won but the fact remains, the Kiwis are terrible cheats in rugby. Not blaming anyone in particular, even “not even close, McCaw” lol

    Thing is, McCaw and the Kiwis are an awesome rugby side, no one will ever overtake their history because it really is and always will be, the best that the Kiwis can do. Unbelievable natural environment, but shit cricket team, do they even play football? they have sheep and play rugby, awesome.

  11. eddyd63

    its the age old rivalry, every now and then just throws out a classic. it might have been more competitive between you guys and the aussies in recent years, but has there ever been memorable matches like games between england and nz?

  12. eddyd63

    but whats wrong with saying we are world beaters when we beat a team who were on a massive winning streak and are current world champions. ‘world beaters’ doesnt mean ‘best in the world’. it means that on our day, playing well, we can beat anyone. so hows that so crazy?

  13. alland35

    Good win England. We were tired and sick but you showed no fear. Is good for the game to lose a few.

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