9 thoughts on “Full Match Report England v France 23 Feb 2013

  1. jean luc

    Absolutly right, but most of penalties have been whistled against France, especially in the rucks. Very strange how Joubert forgot to referee the rucks during the WC final, and here over referee.

  2. 89imotep

    Craig Joubert did it again. An offside try and a couple of imaginery penalties gave England an undeserved win!

  3. vilimai21

    I agree…manu try should have been off set, but Manu was breaking lines then there so call France centre…they didn’t want to go to Tuilagi, cause they know they will get smash

  4. Dadrixx

    Manu Tuilagi’s try souldn’t have been awarded because of an offside, and a lot of penalties (for France AND for England) shouldn’t have been whistled. Thank you M. Joubert, for showing the world how bad you are.

  5. ramanon

    Every single thing fofana did on his run through the upcoming Englishman. A look inside and quick step froze Lawes, a twist of the hips stood up ashton for a perfect handoff, Youngs had no chance as Willy suddenly sped up having seen the incoming tackle. Simply sublime.

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