Howard Supports Grassroot Level Rugby

John Howard has joined forces with the Australian rugby team’s head coach Michael Cheika to support the Australian Rugby Foundation (ARF) to create awareness about grassroots level rugby in the country.

They will be joining hands with other leading business magnates of the country to raise funds and to promote the grassroots ruby program.

The Australian Rugby Foundation is an Australian foundation that was started with the main purpose of generating more investment in the sport of rugby right for the grassroots level to the top level. They also are establishing a contact with the fans and the game supporters from all over the globe to make this initiative a grand success.

The people have the chance to bid for these businessmen and the highest bidder will be getting a chance to spend valuable time with these business magnets. They will get to share about 2 hours with the leading businessmen of the country.

The executive director of the Australian Rugby Foundation, Dave Stewart, said that the auction is a very good platform for people to listen to some of the best business leaders in Australia and to gain some ideas from the experienced business heads. He also said that the public will get a chance to get to chat with some of the most exciting and top leaders of their country in their own field right from the Rugby Coach of the Year to the former Prime Minister of Australia. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no one should miss.

Dave thanked the great business leaders for offering their valuable time to support this noble cause. The proceeds from this auction will be spent to develop Australian Rugby Foundation and Women’s Rugby in the country. They are looking to develop a future crop of players for the sevens as well as the fifteens format.