Jarryd Hayne from Australia joins 49ers

Wanting to make a mark for himself, Jarryd Hayne the star of rugby from Australia is going to do exactly the same with 49ers which he had announced in the news conference. He said that it is very important to have the chips in proper position and he does not have any idea of the backup.

Later in the week he is supposed to be signing a contract with the team. According to Hayne a guarantee of $100,000 has been provided to him. The figure is interesting for him as he said that he has never got a chance to play. For the various NFL teams he had worked which also include 49ers. He had met the coach earlier and Tomsula in the course of the time had worked with Hayne for an extended period of time.

Lawrence Okoye who had never played football but rugby had joined the rugby team due to the influence of Tomsula and similarly he is the reason for the joining of Hayne as well.

The impact of the team will be great if Hayne makes it. It is hailed as his future contract with the Detroit Lions and he was also offered contracts from other teams as well. He is going to face a large challenge which is expected and has to face meetings as well as work of film and others and to come out of nowhere and understand the nuances of the game is difficult in the beginning but as the technique is understood the largest hurdle is crossed.

He has the requisite talent needed to deliver but how far it is outstretched will be seen and tackling with the helmet is a must which he has to learn and live up to. He is hailed as a returner of the punt and the hurdles are passed more.