25 thoughts on “Rugby | International Tries | 2012

  1. Ed Blackaby

    ChrisAshton whole team telling him to go closer to the posts conversion is then missed. That could have been a crucial score in that game. Luckily it wasn’t but he is such a bellend.

  2. V Goro

    o god not the london olympic song ahhhhhhhh mute so over it lol heard it like every 2 minutes

  3. TheLuckof1

    Great video. Dont think it should have finished with ashtons swan dive though. He showboats when it was Tuilagi who made the try and made it brilliant. Fair enough the occasion was massive but it still annoys me everytime.

  4. 187prettyboy

    That Tongan try, Fetuu Vainikolo was scintillating. Talk about hitting the lime with brute force and speed

  5. jackydefo

    Great video its good to hear the crowd cheer and the commentators not just all music

  6. Alex Ped

    great video just shows how important breaking the tackle and offloading is at that level

  7. TheChiefs8

    Great video man, best rugby video ive seen in awhile dat tongan try was really something Shame on da Scottish fags lol

  8. Ryan Suleiman

    I anticipate the songs more than the videos. His song choices are SPOT ON FOR ALL!!!

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