Saracens FC wants salary cap to be removed

Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club Saracens FC has claimed that it has the support of seven top flight clubs in England that want the current salary cap that exists in the professional game to be scrapped.

The club has also claimed that this is a matter of grave concern and it needs a thorough debate and will be discussed in the next shareholders meeting of Premiership Rugby on the 4th of February.

The former Aviva Premiership champions issued a statement recently where it said that it wants to build a consensus to remove the handicap that the salary cap is on the professional game and release the handbrake that s holding back the development of club based rugby football in the country.

The salary cap currently stands at £ 5 million a season for each club and is expected to rise by £ 500,000 next season, with the clubs also being allowed to name two marquee players whose payments will not be bound by the salary cap.

Edward Griffiths, the chief executive of Saracens FC spoke about the salary cup ahead of the Rugby World Cup in England in a few months’ time, following which, many of the biggest stars in world rugby are expected to base themselves in Europe on massive wages.

Griffiths said that the salary cap has served its purpose and added that it was time the English clubs were allowed to seize the golden opportunity they now have to grow in the game and also to level the playing field across Europe.

He said that it would be in the best interest of the game that the salary cap be removed so that the league can be stronger and it would also let players earn wages according to the market rates and ensure better competition.