The Heat is On

England and Australia are in the midst of a yearly tussle in rugby and the heat is coming on for the competition. Australia has always proven to be a tough opponent for England.

With the Test matches on the way, England is sprucing up the strategies that it can use to get a one up against Australia. Eddie Jones has been seeing organizing the players in the training sessions going on in preparation of the second Test that will ensue between England and Australia at the Scotch College grounds in Melbourne.

Australia has always presented a tough summer for the England rugby team, with ticekts to the game available through this link. Every year they make use of weaknesses of the English team and build on their home sickness to send them packing back to their home town with nothing much to show. This year they have come with a new head coach Eddie Jones who has instilled a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm in the team.

However, whether that would be enough to help the English overcome their opponents in Australia is something that needs to be seen. After all, Australia has always had the advantage of being on home grounds. Being considered a superpower in rugby in the southern hemisphere helps as well.

The country puts up a formidable defense that most teams from other countries especially from another hemisphere are unable to overcome. This time there have been minor tiffs that have generated like Joe Marler having abused Bob Dwyer, the former coach of the Wallabies which has led to him getting a warning from the Rugby Football Union.

However, the team needs to focused on understanding the weaknesses of the English team and be able to use them to their advantage. It is surely turning up to be a challenging summer in world rugby this year for the spectators.