24 thoughts on “Twickenham: England v Australia Nov. 2010

  1. kezza454

    this was my first ever visit to twickenham and the first ever rugby match i’ve seen live. what a game and what a day!

  2. RATMfanforlife

    I was there!! Was going absolutely beserk when Ashton made the break! Swing low sweet chariot!


    love how crap the england teams entrance was go to millenuim if u want a real atmosphere

  4. Marcin Karaś

    Anglander you fucki… ugly !!!!!! your woman like nvfvjhgeugkjsjkrhguhjhfsgjsgf tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. llllegquvwffvr

    I am actually more of a football fan. But one of the reasons why rugby is great is the respect that fans, players and teams have for their opposition. There are no hard feelings after games, and that is why I will always continue to watch it (and perhaps play it more often as well).

  6. rwalter23

    POSITIVITY please my man! Our current crop of internationals are full up on skill and potential, we should be right up there for the 6 nations and though winning this year’s RWC is perhaps wishful thinking (the AB’s look formidable), if we keep this crop, let them grow and nurture them, we should be right there for our own RWC in 2015….. keep your negativity to yourself, we have too much of it in our culture, especially when there is so much to be chuffed about! GO ON ENGLAND!

  7. James Chittick

    blasphemy!! have some pride and belief, its the doubters and sceptics like you that ruined the atmosphere of english rugby, its got better this last year when we’ve improved, but still, have some patriotism and hope!

  8. WinstonChurchill

    England has got to three world cup finals, won the six nations, grand slam and triple crown countless times as well as beating the southern hemisphere on their own soil on many occasions. Show some pride.

  9. edthered26

    If I were you, I wouldn’t bother going to Twickers again. We will never play that well EVER again. I was there too, in the Gods of the South Stand. Twas a class game

  10. JeanneLevoir

    You couldn’t buy moments like that, golden or what! Great play from a great team.Well done Cleggi for that great editing job.x

  11. babbaganush15

    Great video. I’m from SA and went to watch Eng v Boks 4 years ago at Twickenham. Great day out!

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